Certification Service

FISE’s certification services provide support for the maintenance of professional skills in the entire industry and reinforce the culture of continuous learning in the construction industry.

Apply for certification
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Certification Service

The certification service consists of FISE, the certification boards, and secretariats. The secretariats maintain certification boards (in Finnish) assigned by FISE’s board of directors. The certification boards are the bodies that verify certifications.

Applying for certification

FISE verifies certifications of designers and site managers acting in the construction, HVAC and real estate industries, as well as other experts.

A verification of certification is applied for using an application form in a specified form specific to each certification. A certification is verified for a period of validity of 7 years at a time, after which the certification can be renewed applying a lighter application procedure.

The certification requirements and the application forms can be found at the web page of the certification in question specified by expert designation. More detailed application instructions are given in the application forms, as well as by the secretariat organisation (in Finnish) that will provide additional information relating to the certification to be applied for.

Application instructions and certification fees can be found here.

Process description

When applying for a verification of certification, the applicant will fill in the form and deliver it with the appendices required to the secretariat organisation in question. The applications shall be received by the secretariat organisations latest two weeks prior to the meeting of the certification board. The dates of certification board meetings can be found here (in Finnish).

The certification board meetings will process the applications received by the secretariat organisations and make the decisions relating to the certifications. The decisions are based on the qualifications required and on written data gathered during the application process. The decisions are made in compliance with FISE’s principles of justice and impartiality.

Certifications verified by the certification boards shall become valid on the date of the board’s decision and verified certifications will be entered in the FISE certification register within one week of the decision date.

Certification boards are also responsible for the certification examinations. FISE appoints the certification boards, verifies the certification requirements, and maintains the certified persons register.

Code of ethics, complaints and sanctions

In order to guarantee high-quality performance by verified competent persons, FISE has drawn up a code of ethics. The objective of the code of ethics is to ensure the person’s adherence to high professional requirements, honesty and performance in accordance with good construction practice. You can find FISE’s Code of Ethics in their entirety here.

FISE’s certification service also includes the right of appeal, and a system of sanctions. The entire appeal and sanction process is presented here (in Finnish).

Right of use of abbreviation FISE

An expert whose certification has been verified by FISE can use the designation identifying the certification in conjunction with their name, in their CV and list of references.

E.g.. N. N., M.Sc., FISE Designer of Concrete Structures, V+ new building, Designer of Building Physics V

The abbreviation FISE has, however, not be used in a misleading manner, e.g. using only the abbreviation FISE without the designation of the certification.

Certification training and examinations

FISE’s board of directors verifies certification training that can be further training or updating training required by the legislation, required by FISE, aimed at preparation for certification examinations, or voluntary training to be utilized in the application for verification of certifications.

More information on certification training and examinations can be found here (in Finnish).

Certification register

Valid certifications are recorded in a register maintained by FISE in accordance with the Personal Data Act. The register can be viewed at the FISE web site.

Get acquainted with the Certification register here (in Finnish).

A file description of the Certification register is also maintained. It can be viewed here (in Finnish).