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A certification verified by FISE is a testimony of professional expertise and proof that is actively maintained and developed.

Application forms
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Application instructions

A certification of expertise is applied for using an application form in a specified form specific to each certification. A certification is verified for a limited period of validity, after which the certification can be renewed applying a lighter application procedure.

The certification’s period of validity, certification requirements and applications form can be found at the web page of the certification in question, specified by expert designation. You can find the designation groups under each main group:

More detailed application instructions are given in the application forms, as well as the secretariat organisation (in Finnish) that will provide additional information relating to the certification to be applied for.

When applying for a verification of certification, the applicant will fill in the form and deliver it with the appendices required to the secretariat organization in question. The same application form can be used for applying a new certification, and its renewal.

With the application, the applicant commits to adhere to FISE’s Code of Ethics (in Finnish). Education and training stated in the application shall be verified by the educational institutes or other training organisations. The certification board does not perform so-called AHOT procedure (identification and recognition of previously acquired expertise).

Degree and studies required for certification may partly or completely be carried out abroad. More information from FISE application instruction for the education and work experience abroad.

Certification fees

Certification fees are determined at the FISE board of directors on an annual basis.

Certification fee rates 1 January 2020
The value added tax, 24%, will be added to all fees.

1. Certification fee / 1 certification, period of validity 7 years
Processing fee 190 euros
Registering fee 210 euros
In total 400 euros

Certification fees deviating from the rule:

2. Certification fee / Assessor of Energy Performance Certificate, period of validity 7 years
Processing fee 100 euros
In addition to this, SuLVI r.y. (Finnish HVAC Association) will invoice a processing fee of 190 euros

3. Certification fee / Building investigator of moisture damaged structures, period of validity 5 years
Processing fee 190 euros
Registering fee 150 euros
In total 340 euros

4. Certification fee / Upgrade of certification, valid until the end of period of validity of the certification to be upgraded
Processing fee 120 euros
Registering fee 0 euros
In total 120 euros

The processing fee will always be invoiced in conjunction with an application for a certification. This also applies to applications that are rejected.

Certification boards and secretariats

Together with FISE, the certification boards and secretariat organisations constitute the certification service. The secretariat organisations maintain certification boards (in Finnish) assigned by FISE’s board of directors. The certification boards are the bodies that verify certifications.

The certification boards and the dates of their meetings can be found here (in Finnish) and the secretariat organisations’ contact data here (in Finnish). The detailed designation specific application instructions and information relating to the submitting of applications can be found in the application form for the certification in question.