General construction project manager (RAP), Senior general construction project manager (RAPS)

General construction project manager (RAP and RAPS) is a needs-oriented certification of the industry. In accordance with the Act on Land Use and Building, the one undertaking a construction project will be responsible for the execution of the project. The person undertaking the project can use a construction project manager to help in this task.

A Construction project manager acts as the client’s representative in a construction project. It is the Construction project manager’s task to ensure that the client’s objectives with regard to functionality, quality, and time schedules are fulfilled. The objective of the lower certification grade (RAP) is to ensure the Construction project manager’s ability to act as the leader to the project and ensure good management of building tasks. The objective of the higher certification grade (RAPS) is to ensure construction management of a qualitatively, technically and financially demanding construction project, and the manager’s ability to act as a superior in the construction project organization.

The certification of a General construction project manager also covers the branches of infrastructure and building technology construction.

Application form

Certification grades

The certification grades are:

  • Construction project manager (RAP)
  • Senior construction project manager (RAPS)

Certification requirements

The certification requirements consist of requirements on education and work experience. A summary of certification requirements by certification grade is presented below. Detailed certification requirements are presented in the application form of the certification in question.


The requirements for education consist of a degree, qualification studies for a construction project manager, and a certification examination.

The required degree is a degree performed in the building industry, corresponding at least to the degree of Master Builder (Applied Sciences). A previous, corresponding degree shall be at least that of Technician.

In exceptional cases, with especially weighty reasons, a degree from another industry that has been complemented with extensive qualifying training in the building industry can be approved of. IN addition to this, the applicant shall have extensive experience in construction project management.

The required continuing training is qualifying training for RAP or RAPS certification approved of by FISE:

  • In certification as RAP (Construction project manager), the requirement is a minimum of ten (10) days in a course-type or intermittent RAP training, including basic knowledge and set of tasks required in the construction project management of construction engineering, civil engineering, as well as, HVAC works.
  • In certification as RAPS (Senior construction project manager), the requirement is a minimum of ten (10) days in a course-type or intermittent RAPS training, corresponding to a higher university level of education, including a degree thesis.

The applicant shall have passed the written certification examination in the certification level, organised nationally by the secretariat organisation (RAP-construction i.e. RAP-talo and RAP-infrastructure i.e. RAP-infra, or RAPS-construction i.e. RAPS-talo and RAPS-infrastructure i.e. RAPS-infra). When applying for the certification, the examination cannot be older than 5 years.

The RAP and RAPS trainings approved of by FISE and the certification examinations can be found under certification training and examinations (in Finnish).


Work experience in the construction industry required for the verification of RAP certification (Construction project manager), depending on the degree and the demanding nature of the work, is as follows:

  • Master Builder (Applied Sciences) (or a previous degree of Technician): a minimum of 8 years
  • Engineer (Applied Sciences) or Structural Architect (Applied Sciences) or corresponding previous degreed): a minimum of 6 years
  • Master of Science, Architect, or Engineer (Polytechnic): a minimum of 4 years
  • Other degree: 8 years

The work experience of the past 15 years shall be taken into consideration in the evaluation. For all applicants, a minimum of 3 years of work experience shall be of construction project manager tasks. The work experience shall be performed in its entity after completing the required degree. The work experience shall cover all essential stages of construction project management C-IJ (3-7). Some of the previously mentioned stages can be partially compensated by a very strong experience in a certain stage A-K (1-8). At least half of the work experience in construction project management shall be performed in Finland.

Operation in the employment of a contractor can be counted as part of work experience provided that the work tasks and responsibilities are of a similar nature as when working in a client’s construction project management organisation.

The requirements for the verification of RAPS certification (Senior construction project manager) are the RAP certification and a minimum of 5 years of experience as a construction project manager in RAP grade certification level tasks, after the RAP certification was verified. In exceptional cases, the RAP certification is not acquired, if the applicant can, with the help of specific statements, prove to have a long and extensive experience (comprehensive experience for 9 years in tasks of certification grade RAP/RAPS). The experience shall cover all stages A-K (1-8).

Renewal of certification

A verified certification will be valid for a period of 7 years at a time, after which the certification shall be renewed.

By renewing a certification, the applicant shall prove that he/she has worked actively in the task determined by the verified certification. The application shall provide information on employment, work experience and updating training during the certification’s period of validity.


The requirement is a minimum of 3 years of work experience in certification grade in accordance with or higher than the certification, during the certification’s period of validity.


When applying for a renewal of certification, the applicant shall demonstrate that they have maintained and developed their skills and knowledge with updating training.

If the verification of certification is applied for in a requirement grade higher than before, it shall be applied for as new certification.

Application instructions

A certification or renewal of a certification is applied for using an application form that can be accessed by depressing the button APPLICATION FORM FOR CERTIFICATION at the top of this page. The application form provides detailed certification requirements and the instructions for applying for the certification.

The processing and registering fees for the Application of certification are given under APPLY FOR CERTIFICATION.

Additional information on the application for certification as General construction project manager is given by the secretariat organisation RIL (in Finnish) that is responsible for the certification board of construction project managers.