FISE Code of Ethics

An expert whose qualification has been verified by FISE’s verification service commits him/herself in their work to adhere to FISE’s Code of Ethics presented below. A person who has been verified by FISE as a competent person commits him/herself to adhering to high professional requirements and honesty, and to performing their work in accordance with good building practices. Thus the person is able to provide the society and their Client with special skills, knowledge and expertise, which are a necessity when developing high-quality and user-friendly built-up environment.

A member of FISE’s certification register is an expert who is committed to acting in favour of high-quality building and good environment by adhering to the following Code of Ethics:

Society and environment

  • Is aware of the social and ethical impacts as well as the environmental impacts of their activities.
  • Aims at improving the quality of building activities and the environment with their activities.
  • In their work and solutions will promote the maintenance and development of good and safe living environment.

Professional commitments

  • Will in their work act with care, honesty, diligence and with the best possible professional skills, taking into consideration the needs and objectives of the User and the Client.
  • Will ensure, prior to the acceptance of the task, that they have the required qualifications, as well as skills, financial, technical and other resources available. Will also ensure that their employees have sufficient qualifications to perform said task.
  • Will act unbiased with regard to the advice they give, assessments, presentations and decisions they make.
  • Will inform the necessary bodies and, when necessary, the building supervision authority and other authorities of any and all shortcomings and defects observed.
  • Will maintain and develop their professional skills.

Obligations towards the Client

  • Will ensure not to accept any such commissions in which they have a conflict of interests, or in which they are incompetent or challenged due to the likelihood of bias.
  • Will execute the tasks relating to the commission in a reliable, responsible and interactive manner.
  • Will not disclose to a third party any confidential information relating to the commission.
  • Will keep the Client informed of any and all conflicts relating to the commission and will provide the Client with all necessary information they possess relating to the commission.

Relationship with colleagues and the work community

  • Will not engage in unhealthy competition or damage the reputation or professional activities of their colleagues and the work community.
  • Will respect and aid other specialists in the industry, and work in cooperation with them.