Information on FISE

FISE Oy extensive and active service for certification of persons, verifying certifications of persons relating to the building, HVAC and real estate industries and maintaining the certifications register and the construction defects bank.

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Introduction of FISE

FISE Oy is an enterprise operating in the building, HVAC and real estate sectors, that concentrates on verifying certifications of persons and developing them. FISE maintains a certification register and a construction defects bank, the purpose of which is to promote knowledge of repair methods complying with the best construction practices, as well as to disseminate information on faulty or risky structural solutions.

FISE is a non-profit enterprise, founded in 2003 by industrial and real estate branch organisations.  Its objective is to improve the quality of construction, promote the development of persons in the building industry and provide uniform information for the industry relating to certification of persons.


FISE operates with the strictest impartiality, equity and confidentiality.

FISE is an impartial body whose operation is not guided by any commercial, economical or biased factors. FISE’s operation is mainly financed by certification fees, and in accordance with the shareholders’ agreement, no dividends will be paid to the owners. Persons working for FISE are committed to confidentiality.


FISE’s person certification service is a joint system of the entire real estate and building sector, and its extensive network of experts guarantees the reliability and applicability of the certifications. The certification system supports the expertise of the entire industry and is an important part of continuous learning and development culture. The FISE person certification service is built complying with the international ISO standard. Corresponding systems are in common use in the building industry in other countries as well. The FISE person certification service promotes the improvement of the quality of construction and development of the entire industry.

Advantages to the holders of certifications and to the employers in the industry:

  • The certification is proof of the person’s skills and expertise, as well as actively developing it and keeping it up-to-date.
  • The certification is an unbiased and impartial evaluation of a person’s skills and expertise that can be utilised in tenders or job seeking.
  • The certification will help operators in offering their services and increase job opportunities.
  • The certifications are an indication that the employer is responsible and committed to their personnel’s development, and they are a part of an organisation’s quality management systems.
  • The certifications contribute to the marketing and communication of skills and expertise.
  • The certification improves the quality of construction and increases the esteem of the profession.

Advantages to the clients:

  • The certifications help in finding the experts needed.
  • The certifications are an essential part of invitations to tender and they provide a quality-based manner for comparison and selection of candidates.
  • The certifications are offered extensively on the basis of specific requirements, which guarantees up-to-date expertise in demanding special branches.
  • The certifications provide a way to ensure the skills and expertise of the Client and the construction and supervisory services they use.

Advantages to the authorities:

  • The FISE certification service is generally acknowledged and public system that aids and accelerates the evaluation of compliance.
  • The certification register offers a nation-wide operational tool.
  • The certification is a reliable way of proving a person’s compliance in tasks demanding multifaceted and special skills and expertise, such as a principal designer.
  • The certifications act as a self-imposed quality assurance tool in the industry, thus enabling leaner regulation on their part.

Board of Directors

Heidi Husari
Maria-Elena Ehrnrooth
Politices magister, RKL
Solja Mäkelä
Architect, SAFA
Siru Lönnqvist
Engineer, VSF
Mirva Vuori
MSc Tech, BY
Markku Hedman
Professor, RTS
Miihkali Härkönen
Tommi Luukkonen
B. Constr. Arch., RIA
Jaakko Ruuskanen
D.Sc. (Tech.), MTR
Samuli Könkö
Eng., SuLVI
Toni Pakkala
D.Sc. (Tech.), JSY
Kyösti Ratia
MSc Tech, SGY
Janne Tähtikunnas
MSc Tech, TRY, Chairperson
Pasi Timo
MSc Tech, RTY, Deputy Chairperson
Jarno Tuimala
D.Sc. (Tech)., KIINKO
Matti Kiiskinen
MSc Tech, SKOL
Tomi Toratti
D.Sc. (Tech.), Puutuoteteollisuus
Miimu Airaksinen
D.Sc. (Tech.), RIL
Mikko Somersalmi